Economic Development:

· Advocate for an aggressive Economic Development Program that brings good-paying jobs with livable wages to Aurora.

· Push for partnerships among various taxing bodies to advance efforts to lower taxes and bring a superior quality of life for all Aurorans.

· Increase efforts to stream-line the business development process so that more companies, large and small, can open sooner thus producing more jobs and revenue for the City in a more expedited manner.

· Work with our Economic Development Team to implement a “Corporate-Technology Campus Aurora” program to attract more corporate and technology business operations to Illinois’ second largest city.


Housing and Community Development:

· Continue to support programs that assist existing and new homeowners.

· Encourage residents to become more involved in their neighborhoods thus advancing the concept of “getting to know your neighbor.”

· Support more programs that address “at-risk” youth

· Advance programs that address the transportation, health and safety needs of seniors



· Encourage more investment in the mature neighborhood areas of the City remembering that we want a quality of life that we ALL can believe in!

· Support efforts to increase property values by encouraging investment and “sweat equity” throughout the City.

· Support efforts to increase sustainable energy initiatives that continue to improve our quality of life now and for generations to come.

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